The company

Aljo was founded in 1970. We’re located in northern Germany with a workforce 300 strong. Aljo generates an average of over 30 million euro in annual gross sales.


Industry focus

Aljo is organized under three separate divisions to best serve three of today’s most specialized and dynamic industries:


• Aerospace

• Automotive

• Marine


In our forty-year plus history, we’ve gained a depth of knowledge and expertise in these industries. Our highly skilled workforce, investment in the latest manufacturing technology and our commitment to remaining family-owned and medium-sized is our formula to meet our customers’ demands in terms of time, cost and quality.


Skill range

Fulfilling client needs is what we do best whether that’s a prototype, single part, pre-series model right up to small and large series manufacturing. Our inventive spirit and engineering know-how makes us able to meet your challenge.


































Founded by Gerhard Jonuscheit

Aljo’s Marine Division gets its start when the company establishes itself in the yachting industry with a contract to build the aluminum superstructure for a 25-meter luxury yacht.

Aljo develops the superstructure and furniture for three German rescue cruisers.

Aljo wins contract to manufacture the first engineering models for the German Spacelab mission thus establishing the Aerospace Division.

Aljo expands its naval technology with a contract to develop equipment for 6 German Frigates type F12.

Aljo wins contract to manufacture equipment for the German Spacelab Mission.

Aljo is contracted to develop a line of helicopter doors for naval vessels.

Ulf Jonuscheit, the son of Gerhard Jonuscheit, enters the company.

Aljo develops a unique aluminum profile system for rail and water transport.

Aljo wins contract for the manufacture of 88 sets of structures for the second stage of the Ariane 4 European rocket.

Aljo is awarded a contract with Meyer Shipyard to manufacture furniture for three cruise liners each with a capacity for 850 crewmembers.

Aljo expands its Aerospace division with a contract with Airbus to manufacture parts for wing flap paneling known as flap track fairings for 600+ Airbus type A330/340 aircraft.

Aljo manufactures special payload bay reinforcement i.e. keel yoke as part of a usage platform for the United States Space Shuttle program.

Ulf Jonuscheit succeeds his father as Aljo’s president.

Aljo begins production of parts and assemblies for

the Airbus type A380.





































Aljo establishes its Automotive Division with help from Volkswagen and an exclusive contract to develop and produce just-in-time series furniture for the Volkswagen Campervan T5 California Comfortline.

Aljo constructs and manufactures the first of six, 22-meter, telescoping hangars for the Korean Coast Guard.

Aljo’s Marine Division expands globally with the addition of such clients as Daewoo, BAE Systems, Hanjin, STX Korea, Bowsted Naval Shipyard and Kockums etc.

Aljo develops a new system of sliding doors for the mega yacht industry.

The founder of Aljo, Gerhard Jonuscheit, dies after suffering from a long illness.

Aljo begins manufacturing parts and assemblies for the new Airbus type A400M.

Aljo develops the first automatic anti-icing system for hangar doors and telescoping hangars.

Project start date for the manufacture of satellite structures for Galileo.

Development and production of 5 sets of antimagnetic and shock proven naval launching appliances.

Aljo introduces a special line of winches for submarines and naval vessels.

Aljo introduces the first hangar door made from a carbon composite.

Development and delivery of first electrical helicopter handling system. Development of a materials- and manufacturing process optimization concept. Construction start of 2 new production halls with office space.

Completion of the two new buildings with 2600m² production space and 500m² office space for the Aerospace Division.

Signing of a longterm contract with Volkswagen for just - intime series furniture production of the T6 california campervan.

Start of the construction for an other production and office building for the Automotive Division.
Completion of hall 11 for the automotive production with additional 1.700 m² production and 300 m² office space.
First order from Boeing: Ventral Fin for Boeing's sea surveillance aircraft P-8A Poseidon.




A real team

We are a growing company with a rich history and promising future. We have a passion for what we do companywide. Our corporate philosophy and the strategies supporting that philosophy are shared across the board creating a single focus that drives everything we do.

We know our strength comes from our workforce. We take stock in that and are committed to building and supporting the strongest team possible. Join us and we will make it our job to help you become the best you can be.



Due to our versatility and breadth of our product line, Aljo offers a broad range of career opportunities. Our scope of services runs from design and manufacturing all the way through installation, maintenance and repair. We’re also capable of manufacturing on several levels including serial and single part and we do it all in-house. With this kind of diversity under one roof, you’ll be certain to find your niche.


An eye on the future

We’ve set our sights on distant horizons. Short-term success is not part of our vocabulary. With 45-years of growth behind us, our roots are firmly planted and have spread worldwide. We aim to establish long-term customer and supplier relationships and hold our employees as our most valuable asset. Our team members benefit not only from job security but also from constant opportunities for professional and personal growth.



Our organizational chart goes out…not up. You won’t find layers of management here. Our employees make their own decisions and set their own goals and priorities to align with and support Aljo’s overall corporate strategy.







Regular apprenticeship opportunities

- Precision mechanic (Feinwerkmechaniker/in, Fachrichtung Maschinenbau)

- Milling machine operator (Zerspanungsmechaniker/in, Fachrichtung CNC-Dreh-Frästechnik)

- Mechatronic technician (Mechatroniker/-in)

- Electric technicians (Elektroniker/in, Fachrichtung Energie- und Gebäudetechtnik)

- Specialist in system integration (Fachinformatiker/-in für Systemintegration)

- Office support (Kaufmann/-frau für Büromanagement)

- Specialist in warehousing logistics (Fachkraft für Lagerlogistik)


Superior training and Supervision

Aljo’s connection tto the Aerospace, Marine and Automotive industries is your ticket to an exciting opportunity here in Germany or abroad. Your professional development will be enriched by the combination of our in-house production capabilities, our broad product scope and strict quality standards. Our lead training supervisor, Mr. Mönnich provides the best in on-thet-job training and theoretical study. Your training will conclude with a series of formal examinations designed to prepare you for a secure future.


The highest standards

Aljo adheres to the strictest quality standards in manufacturing and design. We receive regular audits by our customers or classification surveyors. This ensures our customers getting the very best and we’re proud of that. These high standards apply not just to our products, but to our approach to training and education as well. We believe in promoting the skills and full development of the next generation and helping each individual reach his or her professional and personal potential.


Exciting industries

Automotive, Marine, Aerospace…three of the most exciting and dynamic industries of our time. Aljo apprentices see first-hand the latest design trends in passenger jets, mega yachts, navel carriers, satellites and more. These industries also demand the most progressive and sophisticated technology. As an Aljo apprentice, you will be on the scene of the most revolutionary work being performed for the most advanced client base out there.


International Assignments

Aljo’s reach is global so Aljo apprentices are prepared for a global market. English classes are provided once a week to improve the language skills of all students. The top performing apprentices will have the opportunity to work abroad for four weeks in either Great Britain or Norway. Their work experience will be enhanced with more advanced language classes to further prepare them for the international business world.


Opportunities and possibilities

Aljo collaborates with a large number of local companies offering our apprentices the best opportunities to maximize their skills and find their niche. This approach benefits you and it benefits the community by ensuring a well- developed workforce. In addition, we participate in job fairs and are linked with regional schools to further enhance your personal and professional growth. There’s a future for you and we’re determined to help you get there.



Ulf Jonuscheit

General Manager


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General Manager


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